Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is like the A-Team now. badass team on the run that helps people and wanted by the government

so, bear mccreary = mike post?


(Completed version) A portrait drawing of actor Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon from the film “Captain American: The Winter Soldier.


A little over a month


Vellum Bristol Paper 

2B and HB Mechanical Pencils


Tissue paper



**If you would like to commission me and/or ask for prints, please message me for more information**

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I just wanted to say that I loved your Marvel Now!Guardians of the Galaxy, since the day it hit the shelves! I'm always excited when the next issue comes out. It has been my favorite Marvel book yet. It's been my intro into Marvel's outer space side, and has led me into reading Thanos, Nova, and all things Angela. Thank you for your awesome story telling!


thank you

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All New Captain America

new cap.


Happy National Voter Registration Day, Tumblr.

The number one way of celebrating it? Registering to vote.

Every year, millions of eligible Americans neglect to register, which means that millions of important voices are utterly silent on Election Day. Don’t be one of them. There’s basically a 100% chance that something you care about is on the ballot, something you don’t want to be quiet about.

So be one of the loud ones. Register already. It’s an easy form that you already know all the answers to. No excuses.

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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Earlier About Cosplay


1. It’s incredibly expensive
I knew a single costume might cost a hundred bucks or so, but what I didn’t know starting out was that cosplay seldom stops at just one project. A wig here, and a yard of fabric there add up very quickly. Something to keep in mind if you’re a broke college student…

This past weekend as Rose City, my girlfriend and I went as Cap and Peggy Carter, 1940’s style.  I’d assembled the costumes from raiding military surplus and a couple of goodwill stores.  I painted a helmet, bought a large Plastic Shield (which is quickly becoming a memento) and I fashioned a couple of SSR pins for Peggy’s jacket.  Was it handmade?  Not very.  Was there effort?  Yes, a lot.  

We were cut from the costume contest. Probably not hand-made enough. The pre-judges kind of made us feel like crap.  Meh—whattya gonna do?  We had fun, and got our pictures taken a lot, and that’s really the best you can want from a weekend—somebody saw and liked you and wanted a memory of that.  Heck, I even got recognized by one of my real-life superheroes, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and what’s better than that?


One of the highlights of the weekend was kellysue and mattfractionblog party where great comic artists filled in their hallway comic panel wallpaper.

that’s Matt Wagner, skottieyoung, tony moore, Matthew clarke and many others.

Now they have to have their house graded and bagged and boarded.


So I really wanted #kellysue to see my costume… But was cut from the contest. So here we are: WWII Captain America (who rated a hug) and Agent Peggy Carter. :)

Only Peggy Carter at the show…! (well, that I saw!)



I realized that in the handful of years that I’ve been tabling at conventions and offering prints, they’ve all be the requisite male super heroes, more or less.

My book HIGH CRIMES that I do with my good friend Christopher Sebela (@xtop), has a strong female lead, and it’s time I let that permeate my print work as well, as I’ve been guilty of under representing strong female characters in that way.  You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

So I decided to draw Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).  A strong, fully-clothed female hero who has her own series that isn’t written by a dude, but instead, a female writer with a strong voice for women in comics— an industry that has a lot of ground to gain with regards to 51% of the population.

I’ll have this at table J-09 this weekend at the Rose City Comic Con here in Portland.  Come say hello!


<3 <3 <3

will be there.


Did y’all know Facebook has a Carol Corps: Core Fitness page



I was sad today.

So i shulked-out.

You can’t be sad when you’re She-Hulk bc everybody loves Shulkie!

Bonus: could also double for Gamora with slight wig change, armor, badass sword…

Why are there so many excellent comic book writers that are bald? Is there a club? Does Alan Moore have something to do with it?


Alan Moore has magicked all the hair.

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